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About Us

About Us


Animal Lifeline Corporation, Inc. in Bellmore, NY is a non-profit, tax deductible, tax exempt, 501(c)3 animal rescue incorporated in 1977 for the purpose of aiding the animals in our area. Our mission is to save and find forever homes for as many cats and dogs as possible. 

We have no ties with any other animal rescue using the same name or a similar name in New York State or elsewhere.

What We Do


 - Animal Lifeline Corp.,Inc rescues cats and dogs from the streets and fosters them until home placements can be found. We are dedicated to the humane trapping, spay/neutering, and rehabilitation of local stray cats and dogs.

 - We are very active with our TNR (Trap/neuter and release) program. After trapping and Veterinarian health evaluations  (which includes spay/neutering, checking for diseases, and other medical  care), some feral animals will always remain feral. These animals are spay/neutered and returned  to their original sites and fed and monitored. By curtailing the breeding cycles, we help to reduce the extremely high number of strays killed  in local shelters.

- When orphaned newborns are rescued, they are nursed, nurtured, and put up for adoption.

 - We loan out kitten cages and offer bottle feeding and adoption  how-to's. (See our Links page on raising kittens - *website in progress)

 - We have no "shelter" and do not take animals who are no longer  welcome in their homes for reasons of allergies, new family arrivals, or  behavioral problems.  Instead, we offer advice on how to resolve these issues.

- We never take any animals to a "kill" shelter and discourage people from resorting to such "solutions."

How You Can Help


 DONATIONS can be mailed to
Animal Lifeline Corp., Inc.
P.O. Box 1034
Bellmore, NY 11710 

Or you may use the PayPal  link on our donate page.

100% of all donations go toward paying for our significant veterinarian bills and feeding the animals.

Donate goods through

- We are also in need of cat and dog food and general pet supplies. These items can be ordered online and shipped to us from Amazon or from any of the other pet supply websites. If you can help the animals with this gift, please contact us for our street/shipment address.

- We are in desperate need of more foster homes. The more fosters we have, the more animals we can rescue. 

- If you are local, give a cat or dog in our foster care a second chance by adopting. Giving an animal a home not only helps that animal, but it gives our fosters the room to house a new animal.

-SPAY and NEUTER your pets.


Contact us

Animal Lifeline Corporation, Inc.

P.O. Box 1034 Bellmore, New York, 11710

Tel: 516-623-5124 Email: